Starting to like this.

For the past roughly 1.5 years, I’ve been more of a listener on Tumblr, following my favorite pages (French Voguettes and MOI obviously). But I’ve been quite smitten with the visuals, and especially this free Club Monaco layout? Gorgeous.

Not sure whether I will adopt a Wordpress, Medium, or just hack my own blog struct on RoR. I guess we shall see.


I want candy

Specifically, I want these candy-colored (the brownish is milk chocolate, okay!) Proenza Schouler wallets. I’m perpetually on the hunt for the perfect wallet. A friend recommended these to me and so I’m pondering what color for SS2013? 


Ear candy alert! Jacquie Aiche curved diamond cuff 

(via verygudnice)


so chic in black and white! x